The best candy bar in the world…and it’s Canadian

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It has been a long four years since The Rapid Traveler passed through Canada, but his first gleeful stop was at a Loblaw‘s to buy out their stock of Coffee Crisp, Nestlé’s sumptuous candy bar that is inexplicably unavailable outside Canada (and some stores in Australia). It appears a petition by fans convinced Nestlé to test it in the US in 2006 but the trail quickly grows cold. It is possible to buy from exporters but that is much less fun.

The Rapid Traveler snapped up nine bags of Coffee Crisp Bites, most for gifts, and added a half dozen of the limited edition French Vanilla. Several stores later he still could not locate the Eggs or Stix, and had no way to transport the frozen and liquid forms, but it was still a great haul – and the limited edition KitKat Chunky Toffee was a delightful bonus.


Oh yeah, and then there is the book. The Rapid Traveler’s colleagues, Canadian patriots all, filled the remaining space in his little carry-on with this 10-pound (4.5 kg, eh) tome. Well, he appreciates the gesture and now that the book is home, it does make a handsome display piece.

Readers, what edible delights have you found on your travels that you would petition to have at home?

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6 years ago

OMG! Coffee Crisp is AMAAZING! I would go to Canada for fishing trips with my father as a kid, involved some driving, I would always get them, could never understand why that deliciousness was not available in the US. Living in Central NY as an adult I had several Canadian excursions, would always stock up. Had a colleague who covered Canada as territory, he’d drop by bundles of CC to buy favor for the future when he needed something.

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  TCCQuest

Reminds me, my stash and backup stash are running low.