Thanks Evo (part 1), here’s what I saw of La Paz, Bolivia

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The Rapid Traveler has limited vacation time and packs his itineraries to the brim. No amount of careful planning can fully eliminate political risk and the surprise announcement that Bolivia was shutting down transport this past Saturday for its compulsory election snipped both ends off The Rapid Traveler’s Bolivia itinerary, though the Salar de Uyuni centerpiece was left unspoiled. The election ended in farce, 60% of the ballets were intentionally invalid or blank.

La Paz is 3,650 m (13,450 ft) above sea level and an awesome sight on approach.

On the ground La Paz is gritty and congested, not a gem like Quito, Ecuador, but The Rapid Traveler saw afew of the main squares as the sun was setting.

And he wanted Bolivian food but seemingly every restaurant in the city center serves fried chicken and hamburgers. Living on the fusion side, The Rapid Traveler tried a Chinese-run fried chicken shop, his platter replete with fried noodles and fried rice. And then it was off to Uyuni by overnight bus just before the election shutdown.

Next, see part 2.

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