Peru must be special – seems half the people who go there have something stolen and they still rave about it

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The Rapid Traveler has been off the grid in the Andean Desert around Uyuni in Bolivia. Going from sea level to an altitude of 5,000 meters in two days was not a bright move, and with that and the slow Bolivian connections, this is a brief post.

Nearly every traveler The Rapid Traveler has met in Bolivia is on the way down from Peru and about half have a story to tell about something getting stolen, the worst a Dane whose passport was in the purloined bag and had to fly to Lima to get a temporary passport. That will get her through South America, but her flight connection in the US on the return is shaping up to be a big issue. Apparently the TSA will not allow passengers with temporary passports on international connections, while Denmark will not send out new passports without the applicant appearing in person. The idiocy of the design of US airports, not having proper transfer areas.

So, we are going to see what we can do: 1) her family beg the Danish authorities, 2) see if Delta can find some way to make an exception with the TSA, and 3) see if it may be possible to re-route her GIG-ATL-CDG-CPH ticket on Air France, GIG-CDG nonstop, cutting out ATL, without buying a whole new ticket. None look easy.

Anyone have similar issues with lost passports and needing to transfer through the US?

Next stop for The Rapid Traveler: Peru.

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