This Airport Lounge Serves Cocktails in Plastic Bags

Sometimes you just need to be happy to have an airport lounge available, certainly they are rare for domestic flights in Brazil, except some skimpy private lounges that are landside at some airports.

Gol GRU Lounge 01

Gol, however has a lounge for international departures in São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport, which is used by several partners.

Gol GRU Lounge 05

The lounge is nothing special, and they do have food as far as those savory Brazilian pastries go. There is usually some hidden gem and I found it in an ice bucket.

Gol GRU Lounge 03

Gol GRU Lounge 04

There lounge saves money on a bar by offering pre-mixed cocktails in plastic bags. Classy. I wonder how many get smuggled on to flights. I don’t normally drink on flights, and a for a 3:30 am departure I was not enticed, otherwise I would have indulged my passion fruit (maracuja) addiction.

Gol GRU Lounge 02

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Gary Leff

A step up from the Gol DOMESTIC lounge, though!

Too bad the rest of the food doesn’t come shrink-wrapped. They could serve astronaut ice cream..


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I thought you were in Mumbai yesterday!


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@Rapid Travel Chai
lol mustve been a good sale somewhere.
p.s. cant believe this post also did not post to you spacebook feed (or did i miss it?)