Tea with Air France

An inch of snow was enough to cripple JFK, and with AMS also having weather issues, I have unexpectedly passed through Venice, and now Paris, on my way to Lyon today. I always try to connect in places I would not mind being stranded.

We are pushing on, though, and spending quality time with Air France, particularly chatting with a peppy flight attendant on Venice-Paris.

This is pure frivolity, but I like Air France’s clever approach to efficiently providing fresh tea. Attached to the cup, the tea bag makes for compact storage and imbibers are less likely to peel it out and make a mess.
Air France tea
Readers, what do you think?

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Rapid Travel Chai

@CaroleZoom, @Tea Perfectionist – after study on a further segment, the tea bag is easy to pull out, it is orginally covered entirely, the flight attendant pulls off the cover, and then when steeped it is possible to pull it out, and keep your fingers dry, by lightly pulling on the tab at the top of the cup.


How about a French press for brewing tea?

Rapid Travel Chai

@Segments – that would be smooth.


Only problem is for us “light steepers”– no way to remove it before it gets bitter. But yes, clever


I think you have too much time on your hands.

Rapid Travel Chai

@Michael – indeed, with several reroutings and multiple delays I had an extra 7 hours to ponder the minutiae of travel, nice to finally arrive and have a great dinner and stroll around Grenoble.

Tea Perfectionist

That’s a clever and convenient approach, but the problem is that tea becomes bitter when steeped for too long. People remove the tea bag for a reason.