Taiwan Island Hopping

I am en route to Taipei and for quick island hopping to Matsu and Kinmen, clusters of islands a whisper from mainland China.

Matsu Islands MapKinmen Islands Map

I have not flown out of the country since March. I have been on spousal lockdown as we settle into our new home in Seattle. My wife has a short business trip so I applied for, and received a free pass, provided that I leave after her and return before her.

The islands are served by Uni Air, a subsidiary of EVA Air that is not a Star Alliance member. I’ll be in and out of Taipei Songshan Airport. Flights are so often delayed due to weather that Matsu flights don’t allow online check-in.

I haven’t visited Taiwan since 2005.

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Hope you find time for some beef noodles and shaved ice! Just head over to YongKangJie (DongMen MRT) and you’ll knock off both in an hour.


have fun!


very cool! I had not been back to Matsu since serving in the Army 30 yrs ago. I was a young 20, lots of memory there. Pls share some photos when you are there.