Steak to garnish a hamburger – welcome to South Africa

The Rapid Traveler will be battling the bulge over nine days in South Africa. First meal upon arrival at Karoo – Cattle and Land. Karoo’s Massive ‘Blondie’ Burger:

This is for the very brave. Karoo beef patty, tender steak pieces, bacon, egg, all the trimmings and cheddar cheese.

Served in classic South African style with french fries AND onion rings.

JNB 001

Oh wait, the order was for the healthy version with vegetables. In South Africa, ‘vegetables of the day’ = pumpkin and creamed spinach. Every day.

JNB 002

The moon… beautiful
The sun… even more beautiful, ah ha ha
(Bow bow) Oh yeah… (Chick chicka chicka)

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Awesome! Just be thankful there’s not Krispy Kreme store around to provide do-nut buns. 🙂



Michael W Travels

Looks pretty good! How was it?

Rapid Travel Chai

@JuiceBox2Go – the Arabian states at the beginning of the trip did their share of tempting me with the most unhealthy of US fast food chains, including Krispy Kreme.

@Michael W Travels – I am still in a state of torpor from the meals of my visit.


Hi Stefan: Your seat buddy on the flt from BOM to AMS. That burger looks fantastic. I would have mortgaged something to get that while in India. Safe travels. Prabha