Solving the Hotel Ironing Board Dilemma

Should housekeeping put the ironing board away or leave it out?

The Intercontinental Shanghai Expo has a simple solution, a red-green card attached to the board by a string. How clever!

Please Put Ironing Board Back

Please Keep Ironing Board Out

For any considering a stay, the hotel inside is nice with a good river view, but in a desolate area of apartment buildings empty of their investment-focused buyers. There is little retail, no public transport, and during rush hours a taxi is very difficult for the hotel to summon.

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hah the quirks of hotels. At the Hyatt in Muscat I seem to remember that you have to request an iron and ironing board and they will bring it to your room. Makes for a very very bad fifteen minutes the first morning when you dont know this policy and search the room for the ironing board and then call and stand around in your underwear waiting for them to bring the @#$%@#% ironing board and iron. hah.


Love it! I enjoy ironing my clothes each morning (just a way to relax) and have started judging hotels on the quality of the irons and ironing boards they provide. Never had an issue with putting it away or not, but it’s nice that they thought of it.