Snacking around Shanghai, fruit pizza, Tiramisu McFlurry and more

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I lost count of my breakfasts last Sunday in Shanghai at 4.

So thrilled to be back in China after a long absence, when the work meetings and banquets finished, I spent the weekend eating and shopping in proper Shanghai fashion.

I wish I could have taken pictures of the sumptuous business meals but that would hardly have been appropriate, and anyway, each dish was devoured by hungry colleagues before a photogenic collection could be assembled.

Food snobs will not these are not the high point of Chinese cuisine, rather these are the fun snacks that I just had to re-experience from happy times past.

Noodles with ‘onion oil,’ an old Shanghai snack harder and harder to find, with two exquisite fried eggs on top, at the Suzhou Noodle House on Yuyuan Road by Jiangsu Road:

Snacking Shanghai 002

Shengjian dumplings, I’ve never tasted authentic ones outside Shanghai, imitators always too bready on top, and not crisp enough on bottom. These from Fenggu Shengjian on Shaanxi South Road by Jinxian Road.

Snacking Shanghai 005

A Hong Kong pineapple bun with butter slab and thick, bitter Hong Kong-style milk tea, at a rare place outside Shanghai to do both well, at Xinwang on Changle Road by Maoming South Road.

Snacking Shanghai 006

A Melrose Pizza takeout stand in the morning sells the most traditional of Shanghai breakfast items to make use of the space round the clock, on Xiangyang North Road by Changele Road.

Snacking Shanghai 007

A fruit pizza at Babela’s Kitchen at Longzhimeng Mall at Zhongshan Park. The crust a flaky style like that used to cover some soups. Quite interesting for afternoon tea!

Snacking Shanghai 003

Always crazy lines to get to Charme, a Hong Kong cafe, sigh, no time to stick it out. This the one at Grand Gateway Mall. One of their famous dishes, is a loaf of toast bread hollowed out and filled with ice cream.

Snacking Shanghai 009

A honey, pomelo, aloe drink at Happy Lemon on Huaihai Middle Road by Shaanxi South Road.

Snacking Shanghai 010

A kimchi fried rice snack at a so-so Korean spot by my hotel, what can I say, jetlag hit and I settled for a weak choice. The elderly man outside fills air in bike tires.

Snacking Shanghai 011

A sumptuous Xingjiang food feast of cumin roast lamb, eggs with spianch and hei mu’er fungus, naan, and candied apples, at Yelixiali on Dongfang Road, way out in Pudong.

Snacking Shanghai 001

A late lunch at Saizeriya, another Japanese take on Italian, like Babela’s Kitchen, with similarly rock-bottom prices and surprisingly good quality. On Huaihai Middle Road by Shaanxi South Road. The pastas around $2 and the pizzas around $4. The pizza was intended to be for breakfast the next morning. It didn’t make it out of the restaurant.

Snacking Shanghai 012

Even McDonald’s outdoes itself for desserts, the Tiramisu McFlurry is pretty good, the Cappucino Twist Cone is sublime.

Snacking Shanghai 004

And a gratuitous picture of Xujiahui Cathedral where my girlfriend (now wife) and I met on dates outside the metro stop. One of our first meals together as students was in a ‘porridge’ shop in the metro station beneath. Best to refer to it as ‘congee.’

Snacking Shanghai 008

Note: many of these restuarants have multiple locations across the huge city, you can play with using the links I included and Google Translate to find others more convenient, or email me.

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9 years ago

Wonderful post. Eating like the locals and so much more interesting and less expensive than fancy restaurants.

9 years ago

Xinwang and Charme are owned by the same company. However, I do feel Charme is a lot better.

Welcome to Shanghai!

Jimmy @TravelByPoints
9 years ago

Always lots of fun to read your food posts. I, too, enjoy the Shanghai-style “snacks” (dianxin) much more than the proper restaurant food. We stopped eating meat 8-9 years ago, so there is not much left for us to eat. I would buy 糍饭糕,蛋饼,油条,大饼等等 when I visited Shanghai, against the advice of my family and friends (due to the belief that bad oil was used at street stalls).

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@Jason – I have been to Taiwan for so long, I think 2005, and I missed those then, I definitely should make a trip to the south, which I have not visited, and hunt them down when I am there.

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@Lu – I couldn’t resist slipping in some of my old favorites, when living there those become the the break from the routine.

9 years ago

Lol pizza and pasta in shanghai

9 years ago

Shengjian Bao is pretty excellent and easy to find in TW

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@Singapore Flyer – I have not tried any of the shengjian in Flushing, I so rarely can bear the journey out there, in Manhattan I can see on sight that they are not good. Other than Xinwang in Shanghai, the only place I have found even decent pineapple buns outside of Hong Kong is in Toronto, though even those are too bready.

Absolutely hope you can make it to China and best to visit a few places since each province is like a country unto itself.

Singapore Flyer
Singapore Flyer
9 years ago

nice food pics. need to find a way to plan on going to china one of these days. never been. at some point, i won’t have any more relatives at our village to visit.
have you compared the Shengjian dumplings in Flushing? i think those are bready as well. the first time i had a pineapple bun with butter in HK, i was blown away at how good it was. we have a lot to improve in NYC.