SkyTeam adds Go Russia to its pass stable

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Fancy flying a whole lot of AeroFlot?

SkyTeam has launched the Go Russia pass for Aeroflot flights to 30 destinations within Russia, available since May 2. This joins passes for Around the World, Africa, America, Europe, China, Italy and Mexico. Experts have found value in the  other 2012 addition, Go Africa, with say, a Seychelles swing. Is there value in Russia?

The press release puts as good a spin on a small discount as it can:

Customers purchasing a Go Russia Pass can opt from a minimum of three to a maximum of 16 flight coupons. Fares are calculated based on the number of miles flown non-stop, offering discounts of up to 20% off standard fares, depending on the itinerary. Coupons have no minimum stay, open-jaw itineraries are permitted and passengers can stop in each city multiple times – giving them complete flexibility to plan their trips.

Siberia 003

Vladivostok Airport

Though the terms are enough to question if there is any value in it:

Terms and Conditions

Carrier: operated by Aeroflot

Eligibility: the Go Russia pass must be issued in connection with a Sky Team alliance member’s round trip/circle trip/open jaw/round-the-world ticket, originating outside Russia with a destination in Russia, including frequent flyer reward tickets.

Number of coupons: minimum of 3 and maximum of 16 flight coupons.

Reservation: must be completed before departure.

Ticketing: ticketing time limit applies (ticketing must be completed within 7 days after reservation is made or within 24 hours – if reservation is made less than 7 days before departure)

Fares: fares per coupon are based on the distance flown.

Children’s and Infant’s Fares: Infant 10% of the fare, Child 2-11 75% of the fare

Maximum Stay: travel must be completed within the validity of the international/round-the-world ticket.

Stopovers: no limit

Class of service: Economy Class

Changes: 1st flight: Rebooking or revalidation is not permitted. Subsequent flights: Rebooking or revalidation is permitted for free; no show charge of USD50 applies. Voluntary rerouting is permitted at a charge of USD100 plus any fare difference, no refund applies.

Refund: permitted at a charge of USD100 before departure of the 1st flight, otherwise no refund.

Baggage allowance: 1 PC up to 23 kg and 158 cm, further details at

Frequent Flyer: miles may be earned with any Sky Team airline Frequent Flyer Program.  Terms and conditions of the respective program apply.

The Rapid Traveler does not understand these alliance passes, but he has traveled some in Russia, flying several airlines in Siberia because AeroFlot either did not serve those cities or was not price competitive. The pass proclaims itself to be flexible, but unless someone produces convincing evidence of the value (please write if you do!), it is best to be very skeptical and explore all options.

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