The perils of same-day confirmed, home sweet MSP, and double-guay on deck

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1D to 45D. How many rows in the plane? 45.  But home in time for dinner.

SDC Row 45

All the way in the back

The Rapid Traveler aggressively plays SDC roulette on Delta, which like the major US airlines, has a same-day confirmed program that allows same-day changes to domestic flight for low fees, typically $50, often waived for mid- and high-tier elites. Deals We Like has a succinct summary in Airline Same Day Confirmation and Standby Policies, as each airline is a bit different.

SDC has saved The Rapid Traveler much time and money, more on the intricacies in a future post, for now, enjoy it as Flyer Talkers would have you, by wading through 91 pages of posts, but don’t dare ask a question if you have fewer than 500 posts under your belt.

The Rapid Traveler has never been shut out of flight options in a day, though has come close. Today was no risk of that, but he did trade a later upgraded first class seat for the final remaining seat on an earlier flight, in the back row, where the creepy guy by the window claimed to be a Delta mechanic out of Guadalajara to get free beer. The ‘mechanic’ then spent the flight getting up and down to chat up the flight attendants and relieve himself (fortunately in the lavatory). The real Delta Tech Ops person in the middle seat hopefully found something unpleasant for him to do on his next assignment, if he is a mechanic as purported.

The flight was to home sweet Minneapolis for Mother’s Day weekend and the back seat guaranteed being home for dinner, a worthy trade.

Before dinner was a stop at a branch of the awesome Hennepin County Library to stock up for the Memorial Day trip.

HC Lib 1

Double-guay ready to roll

Bradt Travel Guide Uruguay:

  • Hennepin County Public Library: 2 copies
  • New York Public Library: 0 copies

Bradt Travel Guide Paraguay:

  • Hennepin County Public Library: 4 copies
  • New York Public Library: 0 copies

The Twins are having a dreadful stretch, but The Rapid Traveler is an unabashed homer and this is a clean sweep.

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10 years ago

So bloggers are ruining FlyerTalk? Good to know, I was wondering who was to blame.

10 years ago

I did the same thing yesterday, but was fortunate enough to clear the upgrade on the new flight.

Sure beats coming home on the redeye as was originally planned.

The Weekly Flyer
10 years ago

I’ll trade a F class seat for an earlier last coach seat any day. Getting home early is what counts most for me. So I love SDC and ability to change flights easily.

This happened to my on a recent east coast to east coast flight and a I thoight was ‘My Lucky Day’