Valentine’s Aftermath – She Snipped My Luggage Tags

This Valentine’s weekend I return to the lead-up to Valentine’s 2013. My wife was not thrilled at my heavy business and personal travel. The message was not getting through, so one night she took kitchen shears to my luggage tags. Only stubs were left except for the metal Delta tag, left with a jagged scar. She recalls with a twinkle, “You can expect massive destruction.” We went to London the following weekend.

Snipped Luggage Tags

Over the past year I was guilty of plenty more travel. I did make an effort to come back more on Fridays and Saturdays, rather than Sunday nights and Monday mornings, and reduced weekend solo trips.

I carry those stubs on all my trips as a reminder that she does not view Valentine’s as a once a year occasion.

Snipped Luggage Tags Detail

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At least she wasn’t able to cut the Diamond Medallion tag 😉


That is hilarious. My wife started cracking up and said she could see herself doing the same thing. That slightly worries me.


That is not cool.

So glad I’m not married.


I see she got the FT tags. Good girl! 😉

Rapid Travel Chai

@tommy777 – equal opportunity destroyer, she also got the MilePoint ones. 🙁


Just curious, what bag is it?


One of Jansport ones from the look.


My crystal ball foresees a shift in your travel style and an eventual renaming of the blog to “Together Travel Chai.”


That’s almost the making of a Shania Twain song or something country. “Oh I cut off his….luggage tags….where’s he been as I’ve been home crying in my beer”.

Seriously you gotta take great care at home. You might earn elite status with an airline or hotel but do you have elite status with your spouse? How can you earn that?

Rapid Travel Chai
@caveman – the backpack I use is a JanSport Odyssey. I mostly like it. It is about the biggest size backpack that fits in an airplane overhead compartment or can have in my lap or under a bus seat. I do not let my bag get separated from me on a bus. I have never had one of those towering backpacker backpacks, they seem so cumbersome. Longest trips I have taken are 3 weeks and never needed more, though multi-climate trips can be a bit of a challenge. Another reason I picked it is it have minial fussy straps and… Read more »
Aaron Hurd

I sent this post to the girlfriend. I assume that I’ll be coming back from Omaha with clipped luggage tags the next time I visit…


I printed his post as a gentle reminder to not forget about those who support our careers…because the reality is without their support we wouldn’t be able to accomplish our jobs.

Rapid Travel Chai

@Tom – well said, my wife will print out your comment and put on my wall.