How Long Will Airlines Make Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Announcements?

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The Samsung Galaxy Not 7 in-flight announcement is now part of the frequent flyer soundtrack.

Airlines homepage warnings linger.

United Alert Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is on the way, making me wonder, when will airlines stop making these announcements?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ComingDevices swirl around the world in multiple afterlives so it is possible today, next month, a year from now, or even years from now, someone will need to be told they have the collectors edition exploding phone.

Once in place there is little upside for an airline to pull back on a security measure. Once they do, they open up to potential blame should something happen.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 announcement become part of oral tradition, handed down from travel generation to generation, long after anyone remembers what it was? When will it go away and how?

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