Where in Alaska to Visit in Winter?

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Ok, no jokes that the best place to visit Alaska in winter is nowhere.

I will be speaking at Frequent Traveler University in Seattle, February 24-26. I am not going to make it pre-event in time for the great Boeing and Museum of Flight events arranged by René Points (RSVP here).

On the way out I may have a day or two to spare and am interested in Alaska. It is egging me on from its perch on the Travelers Century Club list.

Someday I will go in summer for a big national parks experience. For now, I am curious to see the state at rest.

What are some ideas for a quick winter visit?

The easiest for flights are Juneau, Anchorage. and Fairbanks.

At first glance, Juneau seems the more interesting town.

Fairbanks has the Northern Lights and I may yet sucker myself in to another night standing in the cold hoping the sky will light up.

Anchorage’s strengths seem more in the summer months.

Others I don’t yet know.

Readers, where should I go in Alaska?

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chris johnson
chris johnson
6 years ago

been to all 3. Juneau: not much to see. Anchorage: you’re right that summer is best. Fairbanks: good for a couple of days (there is a good museum and ice festival) if you try for the Aurora (check for new moon).

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  chris johnson

Thank you, Juneau is the one where the flights don’t line up quite as well for me, so I may skip it.

Glenn Goddard
Glenn Goddard
6 years ago

As an occasional resident of Anchorage, your timing would be great to visit the Fur Rondy Festival (www.furrondy.com) and see the prep for the Iditarod which starts on 4 Mar. If you want to go to Juneau instead, visit the Mendenhall Glacier which any taxi can take you to. Get to see a glacier up close and personal if you have never done that before. Agree with Becky, Fairbanks is typically 20 below at that time of the year!

6 years ago

Fairbanks would be my choice. I haven’t been there but it’s on my to visit list because of the northern lights.
I’ve done Anchorage in the winter and there is enough for a quick visit. The Anchorage museum is worth a visit. You can rent a car and drive the Seaward highway towards Whittier. The town itself is not accessible during winter months though. If you’re into winter sports there is also Alyeska resort not far from there.