Roadfood in Western Kentucky

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Roadfood is my compass when I travel the US.

Based in Grand River’s, KY for a week, there were four options.

Jewell’s Open Pit Bar-B-Q unfortunately is closed. Heaton’s, also in Princeton, KY, out of the back of a gas station, was a little to extreme for my mother-in-law’s first Roadfood experience.

So we took an evening drive to Marion, KY and on to Sturgis.

Marion Pit Bar-B-Q is a standard BBQ shack, offering chopped on a bun or chopped on a platter. We did not anticipate there to be no seating in the chill wind and snow-covered ground. Fortunately a 24-hour coin laundry across the street beckoned.

Marion Pit BBQ 001

Marion Pit BBQ 002

We rolled out to Coach’s Corner in Sturgis, KY, the fragrance in the parking lot is a sweeter, richer KFC, and the chicken is superb. Everything but the drinks, plates, tray, bread and pie is deep-friend. We rescued the mushrooms and okra from their breading. I love chicken livers, the Mrs loves chicken gizzards, we got both, leaving a pile for lunch the next day. Coconut pie was so-so.

Coaches Corner 001

Coaches Corner 003

Coaches Corner 004

Coaches Corner 006

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9 years ago

This food and trip report was as fun to read as your far East travel posts. Very cool to see local U.S. towns RTC! These are the places my non-US friends want to see when they visit the States.

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago
Reply to  Laurel

@Laurel – thanks, sometimes it feels a bit lonely writing about actual travel! These places are the typical America that is so much more representative than a few outlier cities that draw international crowds.

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@ Nick @ PFDigest – I was quite surprised how smooth the driving was, decent roads, no police hassle, just the lack of signs and my lack of Spanish. Many online sources made it seem apocalyptic.

Nick @ PFDigest
9 years ago

A couple of weeks late for your Nicaragua posts, but: I’m wrapping up my Nicaragua trip today, and I cannot believe how much better the roads are now vs a few years ago. Way fewer potholes and fewer stray dogs as well.


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