Concur corporate travel tool adds TSA Secure Flight info – update your profile

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Concur is used by many US corporations for online travel booking and expense management. Back in May I reported issues of Concur bookings on Delta wiping out my TSA Known Traveler Number from my Delta profile, which was leading to denials for PreCheck. That issue seems to have been resolved over the summer.

Concur TSA Secure Flight

Also in the intervening months Concur added TSA Secure Flight data in the traveler profile, which I just noticed today, and added mine. Those with a Known Travel Number from such programs as Global Entry, or a DHS Redress Number, can enter that in their Concur profile.

Hopefully more corporate road warriors will get selected for PreCheck on their travels.

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10 years ago

Great stuff! I don’t travel much for work, but nice to know that Concur added this functionality.