Road Warrior Amazon Offline Video Club: First Edition

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A tablet paired with Amazon Prime Offline Videos has become an essential indulgence of my pre-departure preparation.

Many videos are available for free download for later offline viewing. Searching is hit or miss since there isn’t a filter for Prime offline videos (that I have found).

Let’s start an informal club of Sunday recommendations to load up before those Monday 6 am departures.

The easiest way to get these is to install the Amazon Video app (Android and Apple) and search within the app for a specific video. Then see if the offline download icon is shown next to episodes.

First inclusion is The Last Enemy, a 2005 series on the British police state run amok with universal IDs ruling life, a universal government database, and a mysterious virus killing refugees. Much has already come to pass and frames our current debate even more than a decade ago. It stars a young Benedict Cumberbatch (of Sherlock, etc fame). 5 parts to get you through the week in the skies.

Amazon Prime Offline The Last Enemy

Readers, join in with your recommendations to feature in future weeks.

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6 years ago

Here ya go RTC, Here are some good amazon series: Bosch, Amnesia, Worricker Trilogy off the top of my head on Amazon Prime.
I like to watch Neflix as well and have a VPN to get it anywhere I travel even Cuba. Have a number of series for you to watch if interested….

6 years ago

Global Lens Collection of foreign films, most selected at International Film Festivals. I’ve got “Kilometer Zero” and “More than two hours” teed up to replace JAL IFE in upcoming F award.