Rio’s Santos Dumont Airport is cool blue, a convenient alternative to GIG

Rio’s Santos Dumont Airport (SDU) is cool blue, and a convenient alternative to the much farther from the city center main international airport, Galeão (GIG). It only handles Brazil domestic flights so does not work as a point of first entry, but for those already in Brazil or connecting, it is a convenient option for accessing the city.

Brazil 307

Check both airports for schedules and potential savings, keeping in mind they are on opposite sides of the city and 19 km apart.

I love the fast experience at Santos Dumont, a quick trip from the beaches, fast check-in, and Tam even moved me to an earlier flight for free.

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How can I get to SDU from New York? Or is it mainly a domestic airport?

Rapid Travel Chai

@Kay – it is an exclusively domestic airport, unfortunately, the Wikipedia page for SDU has the full list of destinations.

James K.

You should probably clarify in your post that this applies to intra-Brazil only


Sounds like a similar situation between Ezeiza and Aeroparque in Buenos Aires. Aeroparque is incredibly convenient to the city center (and has great pizza), but is not a major international gateway (though it does handle some regional international flights).

Rapid Travel Chai

@James K. – you are right, I have made the clarification.

Rapid Travel Chai

@Matt – yes, I like Aeroparque, and will sample the pizza next go-round, thanks!