RapidRequest: Galapagos in a hurry – is it worth it? Part 2: On the ground

You can get to Galapagos from the US on a long weekend (see part 1), but what can you see, and will you regret it?

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Tortoises on Isla Isabela

Each of the Galapagos Islands has its own flora and fauna, so what inspired Darwin is the hardest part of a trip of any length: deciding which islands to visit. Multi-day cruises are the only way to reach outlying islands, and picking a cruise is major challenge as there are raves and horror stories at all price levels.

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Super Mario Bros. on Santa Cruz

Day trips are available to many islands, the major downsides are dull boat rides of around two hours each way, large group size, and limited time at the islands.

The key rules of Galapagos day trips:

  1. Shop around. The agents typically consolidate tourists into the same boat or two, so you will end up with the same thing whoever you deal with. Push on price. There are no luxury offerings for day trips as most of the day trip market is domestic tourists, with a few backpackers for dreadlocked, tattooed spice. Keep those domestic tourists in mind when you dream of adventurous outings because the day trips are set up to cater for the grandparents and grandchildren in tow.
  2. Agencies typically rotate islands by day of week, putting together the various agencies there are around 2-4 choices per day. Isabela and Floreana typically have daily tours but the rest depend on your luck.
  3. Get everything in writing (as with any tour, anywhere).
  4. Time of departure, be the first to board the boat to get a dry spot in the shade. The sun seems fun for the first half hour, then is awful.
  5. Keep in a good mood when the snorkeling spot turns out to be the dock next to the port (as in Isabela). Focus on appreciating the flora and fauna.
Galapagos Weekend 024

Isla Isabela

Here’s how to pack it all in, assuming flying to the main airport on Baltra (GPS).

On midday arrival at Baltra, take the free airline shuttle bus to the ferry, cross to the main island, Santa Cruz, and take either a bus or taxi into town, Pueto Ayora. From airplane to town, budget 1-2 hours.

In town, find a guesthouse to drop your things, then start scouting the agencies to arrange a car for a half-day tour of Santa Cruz in the afternoon and a boat tour for the next day. Some may be closed for lunch, go for the ones that work and eat. Get the next day’s tour settled before heading out in case the agencies close early in the evening.

A half-day tour of Santa Cruz is best to hire a car and driver/guide since much of the island is a protected zone that requires a licensed guide. There are various ranches to see the tortoises, and natural attractions such as lava tubes. Back in town, the prime options are the Charles Darwin Research Station to the east and Tortuga Beach to the west. Both are about a 20-minute walk from town, and the beach is a further 15-minute walk from the park entrance. The Rapid Traveler saw all these in an afternoon, though only reached the beach in time for the rangers to chase him away for the evening close.

Galapagos Weekend 008

On your belly to go through this lava tube, Santa Cruz

For the islands, The Rapid Traveler only had one day and choose Isabela because it was reported to have the most variety of fauna of the day trip choices. It was so-so, the tortoises were in a ranch and most of the time was spent on middling sights in town. But then a trip to Iguana Beach cast away all frustrations and he was enthralled with the moonscape.

Galapagos Weekend 020

Iguana Beach, Isla Isabela

Floreana is the other common day tour and that is purported to be stronger in flora.

Sante Fe is the most common dive tour.

Yes, the boat tours feel tame and are a bit frustrating, but in a go/no go decision, The Rapid Traveler is happy with his decision to visit. He saw a great range of the Galapagos’ flora and fauna. He did not really want to dedicate several days to a boat tour and did not have the time to spare anyway. And he saw Quito on the return which is a stunning Andean city to which he would happily return.

Galapagos Weekend 023

A satisfied traveler, Isla Isabela

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I’ve wanted to go to the Galapagos every since my HS bio teacher took a trip there and brought back photos. Thanks for the trip ideas!


I spent a week there and could have stayed longer, I would try to add extra days as each island is different. Of course, it is best to be on a small boat to get from Island to Island and I hear that one can negotiate good prices these days.


Thank you for this. The Galapagos has been on my “want list” for a while now and I think I might just have to plan a long weekend there!


awesome! thanks for the great response. i’m really excited about doing this now.


Great video of the turtle trying to climb on top of the others.

I’ve always read that hotels were pretty pricey. Where you able to find a decent deal?

Great trip report!

Rapid Travel Chai

@aadvantagegeek – I stayed at an unmarked guesthouse run by a couple above their storefront. Not expensive! Not many good formal hotel choices so would not be surprising if they are expensive. Most people only stay a night or so on the front or back end of their cruises so need to make the cash register ring loud and fast.

Rapid Travel Chai

@arye – My pleasure, let me know how your trip goes!

Gaurav Khanna

Do you remember the name of the storefront or the rate by any chance?

Rapid Travel Chai

@Gaurav Khanna – I do not remember the storefront, there were several along the main street, they all sell roughly the same day trips and also last-minute spots on multi-day boats. Most of the snorkeling day trips were around US$100-150, diving is more.

Gaurav Khanna

Thanks, that is very helpful, I was wondering how much a room above a storefront cost. We’re going in a couple of weeks and I was just looking for a benchmark. Thanks again!

Rapid Travel Chai

@Gaurav Khanna – sorry I was think about the tours. For the room it was about $40 I think.