A last ride through Atlanta – chicken on Bucksnort Road and idyllic parks

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A last drive through the South as The Rapid Traveler begins a new job next week. Rather than flying back to New York over the weekend, he took his last commute to Atlanta last Monday and this past weekend brought Mrs. Rapid Traveler down to Atlanta for a cameo appearance to meet his colleagues and a relaxing mini road trip.

Jackson, GA is just a hour south of Atlanta on I-75 (the road to Floria and Savannah) and has several attractions better than the nearby Tanger Outlets – Locust Grove. First stop was the lite and tasty fried chicken, served family style, of Buckner’s Family Restaurant. All you can eat for $14.95. And what better name for a thoroughfare than Bucksnort Road?

Jackson GA 013

Bucksnort Road, thataway!

Jackson GA 009

Hail to the chicken

Jackson GA 002

Family style with Lazy Susans, no choice but to make friends

Jackson GA 005

Bottomless chicken and sides

Jackson GA 007

Too bad it is blurry, but the caption is "Oh Great, I Left it at Home!"

Next were High Falls State Park and Indian Springs State Park, separated by ten miles, each with various facilities and diversions, even mini golf. Mrs. Rapid Traveler scored the only ace of the hard-fought battle, later questioning The Rapid Traveler’s poor American math skills when the final tally was not in her favor.

Parking fees were free courtesy of the Georgia State Parks ParkPass Library Loan Program. Makes The Rapid Traveler wonder what other states have comparable programs.

Jackson GA 023

High Falls State Park

Jackson GA 046

Indian Springs State Park

Jackson GA 050

Gone fishin'

A snack was in order before the ride back, but Fresh Air Barbeque unfortunately disappointed, with bland barbeque, gritty Brunswick strew and limited outdoor seating.

Jackson GA 058

Georgia's notorious speeders nabbed on their way to barbeque

Jackson GA 059

A standard barbeque 'deluxe platter'

No worries, though, dinner was with friends at Atlanta institution Mary Mac’s Tea Room. The Rapid Traveler indulged in a guilty pleasure: fried chicken livers. When going local, wherever it may be, he always goes really local. If eating at Mary Mac’s for the first time, make sure to say so to the waiter to learn about pot likker. Of the many sides, tomato pie is a particular standout.

The Rapid Traveler will not miss Atlanta’s international airfare gouging but in the occasional weekend spent there, the city really grew on him. He will have to concoct an excuse to return because he has no time this week for a last Ghetto Burger.

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Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago

@Craig – that’s wonderful, I love me some Brunswick Stew!

10 years ago

I have many fond memories of driving around Georgia for the four years I attended Emory Univ in the late seventies and eary eighties. I didn’t know better back then, so I often had the fried chicken livers and onion rings, and as much Brunswick Stew at roadside dives as possible!