RapidRequest: Chengdu, Sichuan (China’s best)

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Readers Aeric L. and Allan S. have patiently waited for an uncharacteristically plodding Rapid Traveler to reply to their inquiry on his favorite sightseeing place in China: Chengdu. The ‘one-stop shop’ of China sightseeing, Chengdu provides a wonderful, diverse experience that outshines the Beiing-Xi’an-Shanghai triangle. Though few first-time visitors will give up seeing the Great Wall or the Terracotta Soldiers, Chengdu is a superb add-on to a long trip or as a second trip.


Giant Panda Research Breeding Base

Chengdu is both energetic and relaxed. The highlight of the city itself are temple teahouses, such as at Wenshu Monastery. Even The Rapid Traveler has paused to pass some time (well, a few minutes) at these teahouses with their laser jets of hot water sprayed from ultra-long-stemmed pots. Some temples have opera performances. History buffs can inspect 4500-year old relics at the Jinsha Museum and the particularly interested can travel 40 km to see the site at the Sanxingdui Museum. And the famously spicy food can be enjoyed on nearly every street.


Leshan Great Buddha

Most tourist leave China having never seen a panda. Naturalists with days to spare can try their luck at the Wolong Nature Reserve (a UNESCO World Heritage site) but chances of spotting a panda in the wild are slim. The next best thing is the Giant Panda Research Breeding Base, a half-hour taxi ride to the north of the city. Visitors can even pay to take a picture with a panda but should contemplate the size and power of panda claws and fangs before embracing their new friend. With an early start it is possible to continue northwest to Dujiangyan, 3rd-century BC hydro-engineering marvel, and Qingcheng Shan, Taoist Mountain (joint UNESCO site).

But these are overshadowed by the treasures to the south: Leshan and Emeishan (both UNESCO sites, notice the pattern). Leshan‘s 232 ft (71 m) Giant Buddha is a speedy two-hour bus ride from Chengdu. See the statue from all angles and consider a boat ride from the opposite (city) shore to round out the views, but make sure to find a full boat ready to depart.


Leshan Great Buddha Park

Emei Shan is less than an hour from Leshan and has good hotels with hot springs in the village, while there are basic guesthouses at temples on the mountain. Days can be spent at sprawling Emei Shan, though the challenge level can be reduced with buses and chairlifts. Whatever route or sites are visited, make sure to encounter the aggressive monkeys in their hangouts.  Leshan and Emei Shan can be packed into two days but three is more reasonable, especially with the four-hour bus back to Chengdu. The Rapid Traveler and friend once saw Chengdu, the pandas, Dujiangyan (but skipped Qingcheng Shan), Leshan and Emei Shan all in two days, but spent the next week at work recovering.


...just hand over the backpack, Miss, and slowly back away

Beyond greater Chengdu, Sichuan province has boundless beauty, capped by Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong (separate UNESCO sites, but near to each other) which require short flights and a minimum of two days, but are extraordinarily beautiful. There is also bus service from Chengdu that victims will regret for a long time.

So, invest a few days in Chengdu and see a bushel of UNESCO sites and the best China has to offer.

Readers, what are your experiences in Chengdu?


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Okay, I’m sold. Let’s talk turkey. So JW Marriott center of town or Renaissance on south of town? Seems Renaissance, both are 15k. This is a weekend work sidebar from Shanghai. Day 1 taxi to Pandas, then taxi to Dujiangyan. How to get back to Chengdu? Are taxis easy to find there? Now there is a high speed train to Leshan. So day 2 train to Leshan, lock luggage, if lockers? (thorn tree is undecided if they exist). With 4 hrs at Buddha then either Emei Shan or direct back to airport. Thoughts? Which is less risky for day 2… Read more »

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

Both are good locations on the metro, I would take JW if price is the same. Dujiangyan now has bullet trains and a sightseeing bus, or just take taxi. https://www.travelchinaguide.com/attraction/sichuan/chengdu/dujiangyan.htm Next door is Qingchengshan which is fine for a short hike if you have a little extra time. Chinese train stations almost always have a left luggage counter. Leshan you can see in 1 hour or so. Getting over to Emei Shan and back to the airport that same day will be really tight. Emei Shan is sprawling and lots of changes of transport to get all the way to… Read more »


So I did it, thank you, as always, for the recommendation and blog post. I purchased a Ctrip $450 OW). JW Marriott for 15k MR/night. Maybe I should have been more aggressive about my PVG layover, arriving from US. Was early, then Chengdu was delayed. Finally arrived hotel slept 3 hrs, early up in a cab to Panda base. Cab to railway, purchased brought China Highlights, delivered to hotel. CRH to Lidui Park. Explored Dujiangyan. Walked from park to Dujiangyan railway station, had trouble getting a cab and had plenty of time. Day 2, CRH to Leshan, cab to Buddha,… Read more »

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

Awesome, I am envious!


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