Rapid Travel Chai joining Boarding Area: now with the cool kids

The Rapid Traveler is thrilled to announce that tonight Rapid Travel Chai is joining the unmatched collection of travel minds on Boarding Area, brainchild of miles and points guru Randy Peterson. It is a tremendous honor to join the luminaries of travel blogging. At this past weekend’s Chicago Seminars, The Rapid Traveler met Randy and many of Boarding Area’s bloggers (see great pictures at Million Mile Secrets), furiously scribbling down notes as they bowled him over with their expertise and humor.

Sincere thanks are owed to spiffster for helping The Rapid Traveler in every conceivable way, from brainstorming the name Rapid Travel Chai to nursing him through dreaded American Express financial review. And to LIH Prem for making the move to Boarding Area possible.

Administratively, http://www.rapidtravelchai.com will continue to work and will soon redirect to the new site. The new official address is http://rapidtravelchai.boardingarea.com/.

email and RSS subscriptions should continue to work, but please email if they do not. Twitter and facebook should proceed without interruption. If there are hiccups, please bear with us. Thank you to Mikel, Denny and Tim at Boarding Area for all their help.

See you all soon from the new digs!



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Excited to have you join the BoardingArea party!!

Million Mile Secrets

You’re one of my favorite reads and glad to know that you’re now with a lot of my other favorite reads!

LIH Prem

Welcome home 🙂


Rick i

Stefan. I will always be grateful for the help you gave us arranging our trip to china and introducing us to Jenny our fantastic Beijing guide.

Best of luck wot your new home

Rick I the Frugal Travel Guy


welcome Rapid Travel Chai!


You’ve been part of my RSS feeds since I first came across your site while searching for info on Easter Island. I really enjoy your trip reports, especially the photography, and now I can look forward to reading them on Boarding Area. Welcome!


Welcome on board! 🙂