Panamá City’s UNESCO districts: oldest city first

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A leafy stroll followed by a cobblestone stroll.

In the hour between meetings/afternoon rains and sunset, I hopped in a taxi for the original site of Panamá City, UNESCO-listed Panamá Viejo.

Panama Viejo 001

Panama Viejo 002

The ruins stretch along the coast, there are good Spanish and English signs, though currently the most significant section is fenced off for restoration. Restoration of other sites is tastefully discrete, shoring up ruins, not rebuilding them. This is an open-air museum, no tickets needed. The adjacent neighborhood has some reports of safety concerns but in daylight it seemed fine, filled with commuters returning from work. Many of the roads are under construction so the area may soon gentrify. A pleasant hour well spent. On the evening the historic quarter, Casco Viejo.

Panama Viejo 003

Panama Viejo 004

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James K.
James K.
10 years ago

Did you get to the other UNESCO sites in Panama?

Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago
Reply to  James K.

@James K. – I also went to the duel site of Fort San Lorenzo and Portobello, will cover in forthcoming posts. I did not make it to the 3 natural parks sites.