This Blog is Out at Sea

I board the RMS St Helena in a few minutes, bound for Tristan da Cunha, and then St Helena.

RMS St Helena

I hear wifi is 5 GBP/5 MB.

The grand plan was to queue up evergreen posts to run on this blog while I am away. Like much of 2017, events had other plans. Nothing is queued.

See you in mid-January! Happy New Year.

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Today is Jan. 26th….when this blog will be finally back on track? Is everything ok?


Look forward to a trip report.


Thanks to you, my kids and I will be on the last voyage on January 24. Sadly no Tristan da cunha, but we are doing the entire voyage (to St Helena and Ascension Island and back). I think it will truly be special. Enjoy your trip Stefan and happy new year to you.