My Week in Points: The Bullseye Almost Off My Back

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There was some to-do about Target last week (FrequentMiler). I have mixed feelings about my own addiction. It was so easy I couldn’t resist taking part and scaling up a bit. I was wearying of the time spent back and forth even though all on my own two feet in my neighborhood. I thought this week maybe the store broke the habit for me, instead they made it harder, but still feasible enough that I just went through and used ‘debit’ cards for the first time. Can’t manage to go cold turkey.

I have a last-minute business trip to Brazil ahead, the real fun for me, so I caught up on two weeks of missed activity in the miles and points world.

My question of the week: for someone who does not want to mess with AT&T and two hard credit pulls, does it make sense to convert an existing Citi credit card to the AT&T Access or Access More card for the category bonuses? And if converting a ThankYou Preferred will the ThankYou points not be forfeited? See FreqeuntMiler for more thoughts on the cards. I wish ThankYou points could be transferred from one account to another instead of pooled among accounts.


  • I love last seat availability (The Free-quent Flyer). Very hard for me to redeem for anything above the minimum award, yet the best or most needed experiences often require it. Did it for the recent Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting and for taking my wife with me to Los Angeles on a business trip.
  • Virgin Australia lowered earn rates on Delta in presumed response to the Jan 1 cuts to Delta earn on them (Australian Business Traveller).


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7 years ago

Please don’t forget about Chai’s digest. You should know a lot of readers like this column very much!