My Week in Points July 29-August 4: Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop is cash only

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Family, friends, work (of the travel sort) intervened and I did not do a darn thing miles and points-wise this past week other than to earn some the old-fashioned way, by travel.

So instead, a little inside moment for the miles and points set from my San Francisco business trip. Rolling south through the Mission District after my GQ-inspired ice cream binge, my sluggish head swiveled at the sight of Mr Pickles Sandwich Shop.


The store lacks the proper leading definite article* and avian mascot of The Mr. Pickles, does not even accept credit cards or participate in dining rewards programs, and I was too stuffed to sample if the culinary tribute is worthy of the namesake. Much improvement needed to be an apropos homage.

(*Yes, I had to look up the part of speech for “the.”)

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W Brian Duncan (AKA IPBrian)

It seems more like it should be called Senior Pickles to cause less confusion with The Mr Pickles. I’m just sayin’…its seems too easy a mistake to make.