My Week in Points: Hail the Delta 747, ‘Not Creditworthy’ and more

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The results of my recent credit cards apps are slowing coming in and mostly negative, when I get back to the US I’ll have the final tally. I have been reading mid-year status reports from View from the Wing and Pizza in Motion, I may take a stab as I am yet again shifting my airline strategy and still don’t give a darn about hotels beyond the latest bonus.



Credit Cards:

Manufactured Spend:


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7 years ago

This is a really nice variety of interesting content here. Thanks! AA EXP here, but my husband is Plat and has gotten a lot of value out of it this year. Wondering if it will continue..

7 years ago

Stefan, I hope you do summarize your mid-year thoughts. I’m always interested to hear the choices others are making to see if I’m missing any opportunities.