My Week in Points: Great Firewall and Parents for a Week

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The miles and points hobby is a real slog. Lots of tasks, endless exhortations to ‘HURRY!’ for the latest $5 off $100 at Amalgamated Spats, things always in process to track and maintenance on those gone awry. A combination of a week in China behind the Great Firewall then a week hosting my nieces have shut down most of my activity. It only takes a day of semi-parenting to, at day’s close, want no part of any extra task before collapsing in bed while piles of dishes and smoothie bottles encircle the sink. Then they discover my wife’s reserve coconut water supply and new pandemonium.

So here’s what caught my eye and others acted upon:



Rentals Cars:

  • Best Use of Hertz Points (Travel Is Free). Includes an example of the most annoying type of comment in this hobby, the smug, I know more than you plus emoticon wink without imparting any useful info.

Credit Cards:

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7 years ago

Sounds like you’ve had your hands full! All good stuff though, I’m sure.

Any thoughts on the buzz around Chase limiting card approvals?

7 years ago

Thanks God uu are back and post some meanful post…almost thought you stop updating this blog