My Week in Points: Las Vegas $6.99 ATM Edition

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A packed week at CES in Las Vegas told me when to ‘hold ’em’ and not chase miles and points. 2 Las Vegas observations:

  1. ATM fees like $6.99. Kept my Amex for Targets holstered, will finish unloading next week.
  2. The SPG-Caesars (Total Rewards) partnership is kind of lame. Great to earn points and elite stay credits, and redeem points, but no reciprocal elite benefits at all? When United copies a competitor, it really copies. This is an insufficient ripoff of the Hyatt-MGM (M life) partnership. Register for both, though!

A few things I did:

  1. I had a car rental over New Year’s and realized the Discover Q1 5% cashback category also includes ‘Ground Transportation’ which includes rental cars, taxis and buses. Switched the rental to charge that upon return. I had no idea of what rental car CDW comes with Discover, and I don’t believe I ever received a hardcopy of card benefits. There is a handy Discover Member Benefits website with the details. A modest $25,000 secondary coverage, worldwide (no country exclusions). Lots of rental cars cost more than $25,000. I would not put rentals on this card except upon return when there has been no damage.
  2. AwardMapper is coming in really handy for my trip next week to Lebanon and Egypt. The maps and direct hotel links are great. Hotels so cheap on points I will even use them on myself instead of staying at $40 guesthouses.
  3. Upon return to NYC I did another batch of REDbird loads. Put $200 each on the AA Exec cards I have that have a statement closing next week, maybe I will get the mysterious $200 credit? (Miles4More) I am not a, AA high flyer like Gary Leff, no 2,000-mile Christmas present.

Here are the miles and points articles I bookmarked this week:

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7 years ago

I applied for the $400 back wells fargo credit card back in December (amongst other applications), and they flat out denied me! bwahahahaha, its been a while that that has happened! The letter said I was denied because of a lack of a relationship or something like that…. I have no relationship with them… so what the credit cards are only for people that have bank accounts? thats lame! Anyway, I am starting to get very confused by citi AA… they are cracking down on all churning except for the exec card?? So I can have many 5K spend exec… Read more »

7 years ago

Thanks! Didn’t know about Boston!

7 years ago

Hey Stefan! Happy New Year!!! You’re based in NYC right? Just curious, where did you go to get your redbird? Trying to think what’s the best way for me to get one.