My New Credit Cards: 8 Applications

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Last quarter I did not apply for any credit cards. Offers were not interesting to me and I had added 12 back in December. I have found my credit scores to stubbornly stay in the same place regardless of card applications, despite perfect payment record, most likely because I do not have any loans such as home or auto to go along with my credit card accounts.

Here’s the rundown of my applications:

American Express:

Bank of America:

  • Alaska Airlines® Visa Signature® 30k offer (View from the Wing). I got the business version last December. There is also a 25k with $100 statement credit offer (Million Mile Secrets).
  • Virgin Atlantic American Express® 50k offer (Miles Abound). I previously had this card, downgraded on my account anniversary last December. Now with the new Delta partnership I am took a fresh look at Virgin Atlantic. The appeal for awards in that partnership seems primarily for Delta to access Virgin inventory but the miles may come in handy with the reciprocal benefits.


Capital One:

  • Been a long time since they offered anything interesting.


  • Fairmont Visa Signature® Credit Card offer that waives the first-year $95 annual fee (Rom’s Deals).
  • United MileagePlus® Explorer Business Card 50k offer, which took some effort to get to load in my United MileagePlus account (Hack My Trip). I already have the personal card. I took on a United 1K challenge last week.


  • The Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® Visa Signature® 50K offer that has resurfaced (Rom’s Deals). I have this card, just hitting my 2-year anniversary, but encouraged by reports of approvals.
  • No other Citi apps because of the New Rules for Getting 2 Citi Credit Cards (Million Mile Secrets).


  • The Discover it® Card for two reasons: 1) I want to learn more about Discover and take advantage of their bonuses and shopping portal and 2) I want to test UnionPay acceptance in China later this month. I am not aware of any current sign-up bonus for this card.

US Bank:

  • Nothing interested me. I already have both the personal and business versions of the Club Carlson credit cards.  Expect much more coverage of these cards now that some blogs have access to affiliate links and are “discovering” the card. Note that the last night free on award stays benefit is now capped at 50 nights/year, not an issue for me.

The results tomorrow.

Disclosure: of the above mentioned cards, I receive a referral commission for the Barclays and Discover cards. Offers cited from other sites may or may not compensate those sites, see them for disclosures.

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[…] however, I was reading Rapid Travel Chai’s blog, and one of his readers made a comment that anyone can get a $75 Amazon gift card for opening the […]

9 years ago

Sometimes you run out of card ideas. I dont know exactly what I will do on my next one. Picked up several Chase cards personal/business, the barclays, amex cards bus and personal etc. I got a few Barclays cards this yr after only having one for several yrs. They are somewhat difficult to get multiples with. But after you got the 4 Barclays cards, I applied for 3 this yr and got all- arrival, us air, and priceline.


[…] I outlined my 8 credit card applications last […]

9 years ago

Is there an advantage to applying for credit cards in December versus in January? I always applied in early January to take advantage of calendar-year promos (i.e. amex gold gives extra 15,000 MR points for $30k spend during calendar year.)

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago
Reply to  Joey

Joey M – I am not aware of any seasonal advantage, last December the offers and timing worked for me. Some have tried to track patterns of issuers but it is hit or miss.

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@Ozaer N – I have looked at it, I just did not feel the sign-up bonus and benefits were worth enough to justify the new card. Is there something about it I should reconsider? I am not familiar with their program.

Ozaer N.
9 years ago

Have you considered the LaQuinta card?

9 years ago

Good tip Ted, I see the offer too.

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@Tes – indeed that is $75 I just missed out on. Darn.

9 years ago

If you apply for the Discover card on Amazon’s website, the sign-up bonus is a $75 Amazon gift card. Not much, but better than nothing.