Club Carlson personal + business approved

The #1 question I have received about the new US Bank Club Carlson credit cards is if it is possible to get both the personal and business cards at the same time.

There are widely varying reports on US Bank’s credit card issuing standards and decisions. Many have been told that they have too many recent inquiries. I had never previously had an account with them. In terms of overall cards this year prior to this churn, I had gotten 2 Amex, 1 Barclays, 2 Citi, and 3 Chase, which is why I felt it was as good a chance to go for these as I am likely to have.

I applied for both in my recent churn. I was instantly approved for the personal Premier Rewards. Business went to pending. I called, and similar to others’ experience, was told that it takes several days to process a business application and that I would be notified in writing. The agent was not able to handle the application and unable/unwilling to transfer to someone who could, again similar to the experience of others. The pulls were on TransUnion for New Jersey and did merge.

I was overseas for the week following and had my personal phone off, so do not know if they tried to call me, at least I received no voicemail from them. When I returned I had the terms in the mail, and oddly, a few days after receiving the terms, received the approval letter.

This is just one data point, but shows it is possible to get both cards in one go.

Readers, share your experiences if you have tried for both.

(Disclaimer: I do not receive a commission for either card, the links above I provide for reader convenience.)

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  • Acker

    Haven’t tried for either yet as my last churn was day before Thanksgiving. My sis is using my points @ Blu Dublin and said hotel is great. Modern, great location, killer bfast, spacious room, bathroom has the largest soaking tub she’s ever seen (has shower too). The welcome fruit platter arrived minutes after they unpacked. NYE rate was 330 euro so excellent use of points. (Dublin goes all out on New Year’s Eve.) Redeeming CC points overseas is the way to go. Come February I’ll be applying for one if not both.

  • Carl

    Acker: Did she have the card so the last night was no point deducton?

  • Acker

    No, no card. She used my points. Or maybe I should say I has a reservation and she checked in first. I’m itching to get the card as I see enormous potential. During the Spring Club Carlson promo I found the cheapest Club Carlson hotel in the US, I think – under $44 with tax and I booked it like crazy. I’ve oodles of CC points thanks to CC allowing points to be transferred.

  • Miles

    Where is that cheapest Club Carlson hotel?

  • Acker

    County Inn and Suites in Albuquerque had $37 rates during the CC Spring 50/44/44k promo. The hotel is attached to a water park. I was surprised to find that rate in May and June. I phoned the front desk late one night to ask why the low rate. Seems the water park was closed on Monday, so Sunday nights were dead for them. I booked Sunday nights hard, added my sis’s name to each reservation and since she lives less than 1 mile from the hotel she was happy to help out. I combined all the points into my account.

  • Miles

    Thank you for the information, Acker.

  • E

    Applied for both pers/bus and was instantly approved for the personal, and decided to let the business wait for the letter.

    The letter never came so I called a few weeks later and they just wanted to verify some basic info. A few days later, the business account shows up online with my personal account login (I assumed it’s been approved).

    Question: I’ve had the personal for a couple weeks now, but the credit limit online just shows “—-“. Is that what you see too?

    And now that the business account shows online too, that one does show a credit limit.

  • @E – it is weird, that stuff happens to me, it seems to happen mostly around statement time in the case of personal. For business you need to register a new online ID to see the real info, see my post here with further info.

  • E

    Thanks for the tip about the business, great to know.

    In the case of the personal credit line as “—“, it’s not always like that for you? My payment date also shows as “1999999999” lol..

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