Club Carlson Credit Card Monthly Offers (Avis 9,000 and more) – Check US Bank Online Statements

The Club Carlson credit cards from US Bank are my favorite hotel credit cards for the complementary Club Carlson Gold status, generous annual point bonus, and best of all, the last night free on awards, awesome for weekend getaways. Last weeked we used the benefit at the Radisson Hotel Admiral Toronto-Harbourfront, steps away from the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for TBEX. These cards do not pay referral commissions so the universal praise from bloggers is rare and telling.

The key things to know are that you can get approved at the same time for both the personal and business cards, if you do you will get a separate Club Carlson number for the business card, you will get all the sign-up bonuses, and make sure to set up separate online profiles for each card to avoid billing issues.

Add to that the monthly special offers that can be seen online by visiting the Online Statements page of your US Bank account.

US Bank Club Carlson Monthly Offer

If you do not have card activity in a month there is no statement and the offer does not update.

Offers I have seen include promotions for specific hotels, Avis, and FTD.

The Avis offer is 9,000 Gold pints for rentals of three days or more. Book here, using AWD #G639300, coupon #MUHA021. Note that when you book it will show 8,250 bonus points (the final 750 is from regular earning). Valid to December 31, 2013 with the usual restrictions and blackout dates. Not requirement to pay for the rental with the Club Carlson card.

The new Radisson Blu Mall of America in Minnesota, near MSP Airport (free shuttle), has an offer for business card holders of triple Gold points for stays to September 2, you must use the card, book here. Holders of the personal card can receive complimentary breakfast for up to 4 people and guaranteed late check out until 3 pm, book here. The hotel is the only on the mall’s property, and across the street is the Radisson Hotel Bloomington By Mall of America which is connected to the year-round, indoor Water Park of America.

(Disclaimer: I am shilling, without compensation, for my home state. I do not receive compensation from US Bank or Club Carlson.)

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  • Vard

    Applied for personal one AOR ago and thinking of biz now. Since you get 2 profiles does that mean 2 loyalty accounts? So could I book 2 separate 2 nights stays at same property (getting last night free twice)

  • DonT

    Lol! Funny disclaimer!

  • Minos

    “9,000 Gold pints”

    Really! Tell me more, where can I apply?

  • Vard – in theory, yes, and I had heard others think about that, but not heard a confirmed success report.

  • @Minos – for the car rental you do not need to have the credit card, just book with the promo link. For the credit cards, you can use the links in the post or go to, it has been the same offer since launch.

  • Jamie

    We stayed at the radisson with the water park of America. got a great rate, but it has those super loud window air conditioners that always cause marital strife. Do we sweat in peace and quiet (him) or get woken up every five minutes or so by the loud AC kicking in but get to stay cool (me). So, probably wouldn’t stay there again, certainly not in summer.

  • @Jamie – oh yes, those are a marital nightmare, I recall a Hampton Inn experience that I wish she would forget.

  • Jamie

    At least we know we have a problem, and I know that there are hotels with quiet HVAC systems. It’s now something that I actively seek out to the extent that it is possible.

  • @Minos – I fired that off in a hurry, now I got it with my typo, indeed pints would be a treat!