My Chicago Seminars Talks This Weekend

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The Chicago Seminars is back this weekend with miles and point fanatics criss-crossing the O’Hare neighborhood on hotel shuttles to attend the event.

There is a great lineup of topics and speakers from passionate enthusiasts, including niche topics like Amtrak awards and cruises that you should check out.

I was planning to come in midday until a few day job conference calls inappropriately appeared for Friday morning, so I will be on the 4:57 am PATH train on my way to LaGuardia for an early flight down to Chicago. Fortunately miles and points addicts shun Delta, so when I Same-Day Confirmed my flight, the upgrade instantly processed. I’ll be thinking of all the Chicago Seminar-ers eyeing each other and the upgrade screens at AA and UA gates across the country.

In an enhanced reprise from FTU, on Friday at 6:30 – 7:20 I will present a lightning round International Bootcamp, now with 7% more miles and points as a dividend.

Saturday 1-2 Daraius of Million Mile Secrets and I will present on rental cars, the unsexy part of travel where so many dollars slip away.

Sunday 11-12:30 I will present an all-new Hotwire and Priceline. Like rental cars, sometimes unglamorous gets the job done. I am striving to be clear and comprehensive for the beginner crowd, yet include enough nooks and crannies to interest those who re-bid in their sleep.

See you in Chicago!

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I thought your international travel talk at FTU was excellent and very helpful

Rapid Travel Chai

@Greg – I treat this as a hobby to enjoy and try to avoid the rivalries and drama. I haven’t updated my blogroll in quite some time and haven’t given much thought to it. It probably would be better to just drop it rather than try to keep up with what I am reading at any particular time. There are probably some oversights and glancing at what I have, a few are no longer much active or have changed addresses.


LOL ” Fortunately miles and points addicts shun Delta, so when I Same-Day Confirmed my flight, the upgrade instantly processed. ”

Still figuring out which bloggers do and don’t talk 2 each other. Why no TPG link on your blogroll?