Molecular Indulgence at T8 in Shanghai’s Xintiandi

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After a week of feasting on Chinese cuisine of several regions my colleague wanted to see glamorous Shanghai at Xintiandi with a Continental meal.

Xintiandi is still tending in its 10th year, unfortunately there are now some women of the night hassles though not highly aggressive. I paused with a bit of trepidation as my colleague look at the better people watching that food spots on the main drag, to my relief he said, “Are you familiar with the restaurants here?” I took him to a back lane and into T8, hopeful it had not fallen from its early heights at Xintiandi’s birth.

The menu now has touches of the molecular, including an elaborate machine to pull out essence of raspberries, leaving a thick, intense raspberry sauce. We sat at the horseshoe bar that surrounds the the open kitchen, and the constant fixation of the staff, right up to the executive chef, with that raspberry spinning machine , was amusing. The raspberry essence water, used on fois gras with a pipette, ironically was the least interesting taste of the evening.

Watching the calm work of the kitchen based on careful ingredient prep was fascinating. Why does it seem like chaos when I try to cook one dish at home?

My colleague summed it up when I was if he was not going to have his popover-esque bread roll. His eyes flashed with intensity at the potential threat, “Oh, oh, oh, I am having it. I will be on the treadmill in the morning if I have to, but I am having it.”

T8 Xintiandi 01

T8 open kitchen

T8 Xintiandi 02

Prepping appetizers

T8 Xintiandi 03

Boys playing with toys

T8 Xintiandi 04

First taste

T8 Xintiandi 05

Watermelon salad

T8 Xintiandi 06

Fois gras

T8 Xintiandi 07

Sea bass

T8 Xintiandi 08


T8 Xintiandi 09

Chocolate indulgence

T8 Xintiandi 10

Ice cream, sorbet and more

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$225 for two and 3 courses each, not bad. I trust that the food was as good, if not better, than the really cool pictures you posted! I am putting this place on my list when I visit Shanghai, thanks!


How much did this fabulous feast set you back?

Rapid Travel Chai

@Bgiagg – generally prices at high-end restaurants in China exceed US, the appetizers were US$15-30, entrees $30-$70, then the tasting menus were all $100+. Inflation the past few years have also several hits prices all the way down to the grocery store.

@guera – my colleague treated me but I guess it was around $225 for the two of us, he had one glass of wine, I just had juice, both had 3 courses.


The pictures look so good!! I guess I will have to check it out when I visit Shanghai at the end of the year!


How was the price like, compared with similar restaurants in US?

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