If You’re in Michigan this Weekend, Join Us

This weekend bring the Ann Arbor Art Fair and the company Ann Arbor Art Fair DO, hosted by Dave (bikeguy).

Ann Arbor Art Fair DO

This DO is a long-running, casual meeting of people who have been in this hobby before most of us knew it existed. Ann Arbor is a bit of a nexus of travel hackers from those in the shadows to FrequentMiler and TravelBloggerBuzz.

I am honored to be speaking. In addition there will be a Q&A of Drew and Carrie from Travel is Free. This is an event where there is nothing in this hobby the audience doesn’t know, so I can break loose with something different.

Group activities include dinners and a walking tour of the art fair. I am Midwestern boy though have never seen Michigan beyond the walls of DTW and will make a beeline to see The Big House.

My wife announced, “this is the event this year I will support you by my attendance.” No better endorsement than that!

If you want to attend and the FlyerTalkers give you a hard time, let me know and I’ll say you are part of my entourage. That will go over well with this crowd!

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I was talking about airline upgrades and thought of the African man wearing a cape photo you shared in your talk… Would you mind sharing a link to that photo, so I can show it to a friend, please.


Thank you for coming to the Ann Arbor DO this past weekend! I enjoyed hearing all of your stories and tips.


See ya tomorrow!


I’ll be 10 minutes away from Michigan. But I have no desire to be out in the heat…..I’m in hibernation mode until the temperature gets back down in the seventies.

Christine K

Midwest people are welcoming people and I’m sure anyone you invite will be welcomed. Look forward to hearing you and meeting your lovely bride. She really does exist?!!! She must be an angel.