Video: The 2015 Marathon of Afghanistan Saw the First Afghan Woman to Complete a Marathon in Her Homeland, 2016 is On the Way

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The Marathon of Afghanistan is in the works for autumn 2016, register here to be updated as it comes together. For security reasons, not all information is made public in advance.

I realize not many of even the most hardcore runners will make that run, what I want to highlight is the success of the first race in 2015.


  • Zainab became the first Afghan woman to run a marathon in her country
  • 120 runners participated in the marathon and associated 10-km race
  • Race was in Bamian Province, home to the colossal Buddhas statues destroyed by the Taliban, and now one of the most stable parts of the county

Here are English and French reports on the race:

Also see articles in the Guardian here and here, Daily Mail photo essay here, and Untamed Borders facebook photo gallery here.

The race is organized by:

These are people who have not given up on a land many have written off.

Take a look, be inspired, consider a vote of support for this great effort.

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