You Just Got an Amex Business Platinum, Here are 25 Things to Do

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If you just got an Amex Business Platinum, start with my You Just Got an Amex Platinum, Here are 20 Things to Do (and 3 Not to Do).

Disclaimer: I am not compensated by Amex for use of this or any other Amex link on this blog.

Amex Business Platinum

Now let’s continue at 21, referencing the Amex Business Platinum Card Benefits:

21. Get 10 Gogo Flight Passes per calendar year with the Gogo Preferred Program. Primary cardholder and each authorized user all get 10.

22. Take a look at other Business Platinum-specific benefits such as FX International Payments and OPEN Forum.

23. Choose your OPEN Savings benefit of 5% cashback or 2 additional points/dollar at

24. Study OPEN Savings partner discounts to see if any are useful to you. These include Barnes & Noble, FedEx, Hertz, HP and 1-800-Flowers. Unfortunately, several good partners have been lost in recent years.

25. I said to almost never use points for anything but airline transfers, however it is worth pointing out, especially in a business context, that there is a 30% pay with point rebate when booking air travel. It is limited to one airline and is the same as you annually choose for the $200 airline fee credit. Must book through Amex Travel which may not have the cheapest prices.

Readers, did I miss any?

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[…] You Just Got an Amex Business Platinum, Here are 24 Things to Do by Rapid Travel Chai. We posted a similar list from RTC about the personal card, the business card has some additional benefits so check this post out. […]

6 years ago

Nice post. I have the personal plat and am considering the business version in the future. Do you know if the business version still offers the 30% pay with points rebate (I.e. use MR points to buy flights with one airline at 1.43 cents/point)?

6 years ago

And you copied the PR link for the business card which has benefits not available to the one we signed up for

6 years ago

Nope, you didn’t miss copying anything from the PR spiel that the afilliate company gave you to pimp the card.