Libya week: when it’s safe, go visit, they need every dollar (part 4)

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Part 4 of The Rapid Traveler’s November 2010 trip, see also parts 1, 2 and 3.

Libya week closes with a simple message: when security is restored and Libyans are picking up the pieces of their lives, go visit. Libya is not an endemically violent place. Last fall The Rapid Traveler felt perfectly safe and welcomed by the people and that hospitality will not have been erased. He worked with a prince of a man, Sabri Ellotai of Sabri Tours, who navigated all the bureaucracy and crafted a wonderful experience. Hopefully Sabri and his team, and the many other tour operators that struggled under the Gadhafi regime will survive the tumult and be able to rebuild their businesses. In some parts of the world it is now nearly inconceivable to have a revolution or war sweep through and interrupt business for an extended period. Libyans will need every dollar and tourists can lead the charge. In the meantime, Tunisa and Algeria are superb destinations, also with treasures of the ancient world, Islam and the Sahara. More to come in future posts.

We close with images of graceful Villa Sileen, one the once and future strip of coastal summer retreats.

For trips to Libya, Sabri Ellotai of Sabri Tours is the expert and is back in business as of September 2011, ready to welcome tourists.

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