Global Entry Card – some gym cards look better

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The Rapid Traveler received his Global Entry card yesterday. Already a Global Entry member he added the card on a lark, though it has little practical benefit for him as it is only valid for entering the US by Canadian and Mexican land borders. It is not even valid for entering Canada via the NEXUS lanes or airport kiosks. But, he is a fan of the passport card as a backup government-issued ID (see uses for it here) and thought this might be similarly useful in a pinch. Looking at the card, he feels the $15 to add a card to his existing Global Entry membership was not worth it (cards will be issued for no additional charge to new Global Entry applicants).

Here is a sample card and the latest CBP announcement:

The card feels flimsy and the photo used is from the Global Entry interview webcam, so hardly flattering and includes whatever was happening in the background at the CBP office. In The Rapid Traveler’s case it is some windows and fluorescent lights. The oddest aspect is that it does not look distinctively American. “Issuing Country” is USA, and the back has a SENTI logo with American flag, but otherwise the design is quite generic. It would not be surprising to have this rejected when attempting use as a “government-issued ID.” Mrs. Rapid Traveler will not be spending the $15.
Global Entry itself and the passport card are both great, see Tricking out your US passport (part 1 and part 2) for more info.

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