Libya week: Leptis Magna takes on Rome (part 3)

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Part 3 of The Rapid Traveler’s November 2010 trip, see also parts 1, 2 and 4.

Gadhafi’s head is not yet on a platter, but the violence and chaos in Liyba this week recalls the dark side of the ancient world. Leptis Magna gives Rome itself a run for best experience of Ancient Rome. The scale is majestic: 16,000 person amphitheatre, 25,000 person circus, 100m x 60 m Severan Forum. Little known today is the African-born Severan Dynasty, the great Septimius Severas born at Leptus Magna. The gargantuan buildings are paired with the smallest details of life, such as cloth measuring tables in the market and graffiti directions to the red light district.

In one week The Rapid Traveler visited five of these Top 10 Roman Sites in North Africa. While his greatest affection is split between Djemila and Dougga, Leptis Magna is indeed the most breathtaking.

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Algeria Tunisia Libya 080

The Colonel welcomes you to Leptis Magna!

Algeria Tunisia Libya 082

Leptis Magna

Algeria Tunisia Libya 083

Hadrianic Baths

Algeria Tunisia Libya 084

Heated, raised floors and angled windows for wind

Algeria Tunisia Libya 085

Severan Forum

Algeria Tunisia Libya 088

Measuring table for grain

Algeria Tunisia Libya 089


Algeria Tunisia Libya 086

Gorgon head, one of 70!

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