Last Day for Amazon 3x, Even JetBlue is Sad Face (3/26/18)

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A quick reminder to get your last Amazon orders in today, 3/26/18 to earn 3x JetBlue TrueBlue points for shopping at Amazon.

Starting tomorrow, you’ll need to submit those orders on JetBlue in-flight wi-fi to earn 3x. Make way for the flying resellers furiously inputting orders on flights.

JetBlue Amazon Ending

At time of posting the JetBlue website is having issues, so you’ll have to keep trying to pull up your link and hope it happens today. Even their own website is sad to see Amazon go.

JetBlue Sad Face If/when the site is back today, if you haven’t shopped this offer before, you log in, go to JetBlue partners, select Amazon, and launch your shopping session from there. Points take varying and increasing times to post.

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