Really Last Call for BA 4,500 Avios United States Awards, You Have Until 2/2 at 5 am EST

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British Airways Avios changes to the shortest-distance awards for flights originating or terminating in the USA go into effect at 5 am EST on Tuesday, February 2, 2016.

The changes are outlined here. The gist is:

  • Only impacts USA originating or terminating flights
  • Only impacts the shortest distance band flights, those that currently cost 4,500 Avios in economy
  • New rates will be 7,500/15,000/30,000 for economy/business/first

Should you prospectively book?

  • Cancellations lose only the taxes and fees paid up to maximum $55 and the Avios are immediately reinstated; for US-origination single segment flights, this is $5.60 while for Canada-origination this hits the $55 cap due to higher tax
  • Changes are $55 and will not reprice at higher Avios price; in this case book roundtrip awards to limit to one $55 change fee for a savings of 6,000 Avios in economy compared to booking later

Should I prospectively book?

I would like to. No availability on any of my prospective trips. I find American Airlines award availability dismal for anything I try to do out of NYC.

AA Award Availability

Not going to complain how I get to Canada, though, when Delta gave such a nice offer for returning home.


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