Amex to British Airways 1:1 + 40% Transfer Bonus

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Amex last week restored Membership Rewards transfers to British Airways Executive Club to a 1:1 ratio and now has launched a further 40% transfer bonus good to 9/17/17. Bonus valid for Iberia Avios as well.

Amex to British Airways 40 Percent Bonus 2017I still have too many Avios from several years ago when I prospectively transferred for a similar bonus. Think long and hard about your actual use of Avios and how many you need.

How to Use Avios

Avios were great for short-haul US flights until American Airlines became ultra-stingy on saver award space.

Awards on British Airways itself involve comical levels of cash surcharges, except the fixed-fee intra-Europe rates are somewhat tolerable.

Look for short, expensive in cash flights on partners such as AirBerlin, Cathay Pacific, Comair (BA in southern Africa), JAL, LATAM, S7, Sri Lankan, and Qantas that are not assessed massive surcharges. Upgraded Points has 40 Ways to Redeem British Airways Avios to kickstart your brainstorm.

Premature Transfer:

If you transferred last week on the 1:1 news you are probably out of luck. Amex is lately taking a dim view to complainers. You can watch reports from people who feel wronged and will try to pester Amex into submission.

Thanks to IAD Gr8 and reddit for sharing the news.

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I can’t find a link to confirm this bonus on Amex or British website..can you assist?

Kay Bruner

Log in to your Amex account and go to the rewards page. It’s under the section where you transfer points to airlines.


Still not finding it- perhaps its because I have a Hilton Honors Amex which indicates I will receive 10,000 for my 100K exchange.

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

Jane, this is only for Amex cards with Membership Rewards as their points program, cards such as the Platinum, Gold, and Green. Co-brands cards such as Hilton, SPG, and Delta have their own points programs and not eligible for this offer.


Thanks so time…love your blog!


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