Khajuraho – India’s Lascivious Temple Carvings

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I went through all my pictures and couldn’t find any of the adult scenes that was at all appropriate for this family-friendly blog. The  temple carvings at India’s Khajuraho are famous for the sexually imaginative and acrobatic sections. Those are in reality only a small portion of the many aspects of daily life depicted however those Kama Sutra scenes bring in the punters.

Khajuraho 08

Khajuraho 03

Khajuraho has limited midday flights, a few trains such as an overnight train from Agra that I took, and is a long bus ride from most anywhere tourists would be. The town is more village is a relatively calm place to hang out in India, and has the accoutrements of a backpacker town. I did not have time to hang out so the overnight train from Agra gave me the chance to do a morning circuit of the temples and still catch an afternoon fight hop to Varanasi. The unprompted comment from the tuk tuk driver, “We have 84 positions, you should come back with your partner and we have classes you can learn,” was not enough to keep me overnight.

My two hour train delay cost me the sunrise, otherwise the plan worked well. I chartered a tuk tuk, starting first with the various outer temples and the Jain temple complex. Jains hone in on male anatomy, rather than the more varied tastes found in the Hindu temples.

Khajuraho 04

Khajuraho 05

Khajuraho 07

Khajuraho 06

Then I wrapped up with the main UNESCO-listed Western Group of Monuments.

Khajuraho 10

Khajuraho 09

India has so many ‘must-sees’ that are a minimum one or two day commitment so it is hard to choose. Until I found the train option I almost did not go to Khajuraho, thinking it might be like similar wood temple carvings in Nepal. They were quite different and spectacular, and I am glad I made the trip.

Khajuraho 01

Khajuraho 02

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[…] did not have much time to spare, fortunately there was a midday flight from Khajuraho, where I had spent the morning with the succulent temple carvings, and an evening flight from Varanasi back to Delhi so I could […]

8 years ago

Not much to add to this, just wanted to say that your blog is highly informative and well-written.

Traveling is so much more than flying to the South Pacific in J. So much more than the best seat, points, etc. Your recent pictures of the ceremony in Pakistan vs India were what it’s all about.

Rapid Travel Chai is quickly becoming my go-to travel site

Rapid Travel Chai
8 years ago
Reply to  Ben

@Ben – thank for your affirming comment, it sometimes gets lonely on Boarding Area to write about travel beyond the lie-flat seat and hotel lounge.