International Travel Bootcamp Presentation at Chicago Seminars 2015

Here are the slides from my Chicago Seminars International Travel Bootcamp presentation. We had a great audience and fun night kicking off the weekend:

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Stefan, this is a fantastic presentation! I hope to see even half the number of cities you have done to date. Woul dit be possible to post a copy of your 101 Tips presentation as well? Wished I was there!


To me, to count as a country it needs to meet two criteria: It needs to claim to be independent and it needs to be recognized by a significant number of other countries as such. That means the UN list, plus a small number of additional places. That doesn’t mean these are the only places worth visiting by any means. The TCC list is great for dreaming and planning, but not to be taken seriously as a count of countries.

Thanks for sharing with those who can’t attend, very nice of you. Always an interesting discussion with “country counters” as to what source we use for number of counties there are in the world. Interested in what your using for your visa free comments? Been lucky enough to get to 155 countries and going to several more in the West/Central Africa next month. Côte D’Voire, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon and Gabon cost over 2k for visas alone (for two people). I use the U.N. Member countries list, but there are certainly others like the Century Club and other lists… Read more »

Excellent and useful tips. Thanks for posting, Stefan. Wish I could have attended in person.


welcome back home. A lot of info and data are being repeated and recycled.. For example Royukan in Japan and B&B in PEI. And US passport holders enjoy at least 172 counties visa free or visa on arrival as if 2015.