Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Reopens…for Cruise Ships (Video)

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Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak Airport is the stuff of barside stories of grizzled expats at bars across Asia. Now it has reopend for the slow and steady approach of cruise ships.

The terminal will accommodate cruise ships too large for Ocean Terminal. The first arrivals were last week and next in November when regular monthly arrivals commence, see the full schedule.

I only flew into Kai Tak once, in 1997 on school trip, a few weeks before the handover to China.

Here’s a crosswind landing in 1998:

Readers, share your Kai Tak memories!

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8 years ago

I was lucky enough to fly through here several times when I was young.

My mom warned me that I would be able to see into people’s houses on the approach and turn. I thought she was kidding.

It became the first time in my life my mom was actually right about something.

8 years ago

Nice. I have a trip scheduled to HKG in December. Not sure i would be all that excited to fly into Kai Tak with stories I’ve heard.

8 years ago

Growing up in Hong Kong, there is no airport as scary as Kai Tak … even better when eating lunch in Kowloon city below it and watch a fully loaded 747-400 take off for LAX

Michelle S
8 years ago

Never made it to Kai Tak, but always wanted to! My family had a trip planned to Hong Kong and China, but it was right about the same time the US bombed one of their embassies over in Yugoslavia. Trip cancelled 🙁