Go to This Caribbean Island in 2016 Before the New Airport Brings the Crowds (and It’s Not Cuba)

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Things change fast when a Caribbean island has a major airport and a major cruise ship harbor.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines have lacked both, but that is soon to change. I was alerted by the Frommer’s Best Places to Go in 2016, and accompanying podcast (listen here).

Argyle International Airport, under construction since 2008 and delayed since 2012, looks set to open in 2016 as early as March. The current, small E.T. Joshua Airport is served by local carriers, primarily out of Barbados.

My visit was curtailed due to a hurricane and LIAT operational issues, though I liked what I saw in St Vincent and wish I had time to see some of the Grenadines.

You can go now picking up a local carrier, or once the airport opens, be on one of the first big flights before word spreads of this newly accessible Caribbean destination.

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Ron Wargo
Ron Wargo
6 years ago

How were you able to use points for booking Choice hotels in Norway?

6 years ago

I feel like LIAT has operational issues every day on every flight. Avoid flying with them!