Global Entry New Enrollment Centers in Washington D.C. (city), and Albuquerque and Tampa Airports

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The US CBP has opened a Global Entry Enrollment Center at CBP headquarters in Washington, D.C. along with a CBP Gallery to be browse if you need to wait. The address is Ronald Reagan Building, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20229, open Mon-Sat 7 am – 7 pm.

Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center (US Customs & Border Patrol)

Ronald Reagan Building, photo by Cliff

Additional airport locations opened at Albuquerque (ABQ) and Tampa (TPA), bringing total locations to 44. Most are airport-based but there are further downtown locations in Houston and New York City, while Atlanta has one in-airport and another just outside.

As with all locations, you must first submit an online application, and be provisionally approved, prior to requesting an appointment. Wait times for popular locations can now be months so testing new ones may yield earlier dates. You can interview anywhere, and some have success by walking-in. Walk-ins should take heed to be polite and reasonable.

Bonus points for guessing all 3 locations not in the continental US.

Global Entry is a must-have for domestic travelers as well as international, since it gains access to PreCheck regardless of elite status with participating airlines. Those passing through border states can go the NEXUS or SENTRI route as well which is a less costly way to gain Global Entry benefits, with additional benefits specific to the respective land borders. I got stuck at Toronto’s glacial immigration last weekend and need to find a way to get NEXUS. Note that certain premium credit cards reimburse the Global Entry application fee but not NEXUS or SENTRI.

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Matt Silverman
Matt Silverman
6 years ago

Vijay – have you solved this problem, I am now conditionally approved but cannpt find an appointment to interview until AFTER my scheduled trip out of country in NOVEMBER?

Have you walked in to Ronald Reagan building? Please advise as to any solution here. THX

Matt Silverman

Vijaya Mitra
Vijaya Mitra
6 years ago

The info here is somewhat dated. Do you know if it is possible to just walk in to the Reagan building in DC and get an interview. I have been conditionally approved, but the first opening for an interview is in November!