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The FT Weekend is one of the great simple pleasures of my life. Each weekend I canter through its salmon pages, learning of people, events, and ideas.

The FT is more global than the WSJ in its coverage and outlook (I am a print subscriber to both). Instead of the WSJ’s ‘full batsh*t’ editorial page (will the new editor improve things?), you get serious thinkers across the spectrum, including highly regarded economics commentator Martin Wolf. I look forward to David Pilling’s dispatches from Africa.

A Financial Times subscription does not come cheap. Now through July 31, 2018 is the lowest I have seen in years for a print subscription: $99. It has been several years since I’ve even seen targeted $199 offers. This is a public offer open to new subscribers, subscribe here.

Financial Times US Offer July 2018

Delivery area: unfortunately, FT delivery area is limited. Check your zip code on the subscription form to see if you are eligible. If you are really determined, you might call in to see if they will agree to mail deliver to a zip code that lacks home delivery. I had mail delivery during a period when home delivery was having missed delivery issues.

Renewals: FT does not make it as difficult to unsubscribe as WSJ. Approaching the end of year you’ll get email offers at an increased rate to renew. I have not been auto-charged for not renewing. If you call in, you’ll typically be offered a ‘step up’ offer of $50-$100 more than your prior year as they try to get up to their current full price of $450.

Digital: a print subscription does not include digital access. If you want digital, the current offer is $144/year. This will auto-renew at year-end unless you cancel.

ePaper: a print subscription includes ePaper access, a PDF-like viewer. When online with a fast connection, the new system is ok. The offline feature on the new system does not work well for the big FT Weekend issues as it is browser-based and mobile browsers especially have trouble holding it all in memory cache. Go instead to the archive where you can download PDFs of issues. Digital subscriptions do not include ePaper access.

ePaper only: if you don’t want or can’t get home delivery and want the ePaper, you can call FT to subscribe to ePaper only. I don’t know the current rate.

FT Weekend App: an option to get the best of FT is the FT Weekend App, currently $99/year. This is not included with any print or digital subscription. I have not tried the app.

FT Weekend App

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4 years ago

I disagree what you said about WSJ. It is much fair than NYT or WP. Maybe you should hear and read what others said. Sometimes you are very biased about what you think is right.

4 years ago

I hope you can examine so called the main stream media like NYT, WP, FT or even CNN with the same standard you hold toward WJ. How many biased, unbalanced and false info they have made? They put Obama and Hilary on the pedestal but are they really that good? History will tell.