Favorite In-flight Magazine? Mine is Jet Airways

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My reading of airline in-flight magazines is (1) a look at the CEO’s letter to see what the airline prioritizes (Afghanistan’s Safi ranks highly on this), (2) a quick flip through the middle, and (3) a look at the airline’s route map. Generally too much fluff and advertorial to be of further interest.

Criss-crossing India a few times this year, Jet Airways’ in-flight magazine JetWings has impressed with real, substantive articles.

Jet Airways In-flight Magazine 02

By example, ‘Tales of the Isles’ goes beyond islands everyone knows or those on Jet’s route map. It has thoughtful recommendations from Madagascar to Kiribati. I am working to visit Kiribati next year and it is not easy, inasmuch as finding flights that have a reasonable prospect of operating at the appointed time and date. Madagascar is one of my favorites.

Jet Airways In-flight Magazine 01

Even the advertising is fun, an eclectic India experience. A reason I enjoy India is that the fashions, the music, the temples, virtually everything is the opposite of what I naturally find aesthetically pleasing, so it is stimulating and challenging. On the lowbrow end, this company thinks this shirt is fashionable:

Jet Airways In-flight Magazine 04

By the way, for those airlines with ultra-thick magazines and duty-free catalogs, here How to Squeeze More Legroom out of Coach.

Readers, what is your favorite in-flight magazine?

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8 years ago

Back to true form – brilliant – always look at the CEO’s letter first.

8 years ago

I flew OmanAir earlier this year and actually enjoyed their inflight magazine (yes I took it with me and kept it.) It features a different city that it flies to but also has a section on Muscat itself for first-time travelers visiting their city (i.e. explaining currency, sights, culture, and language.) It even has a ‘Time Out” section giving a story with a moral (in this issue it involved hedgehogs!) I have the February 2014 issue and just realized they publish their magazines online:

Note that the flight route maps are in the Arabic section, not English section.

A San
8 years ago

While I agree with you in priciple, there’s a world of difference between the international and the domestic editions of Jet’s inflight mag.

And on another note, CD shirts are almost like the one in your post, and always out of whack! They used to have a handful of reasonable designs a couple of decades ago, but yea, THIS is what they now consider fashionable. And guess what – they do sell !!!